The shadow people and I – Prologue


Growing up I was a normal kid, doing normal kid stuff. I had lots of normal kid friends. All around a normal kid. As all kids ever had, so did I. Imaginary friends, playing around, interacting with our toys in our little heads. A lot of friends told me about their imaginary friends. Fluffy, Thomas little blue dog who loved ice cream. Harris, Thea’s imaginary dragon named after her big brother.

Their Imaginary friends seemed so lively, fun and happy. I’ve never told them about mine. Usually told them lies, like my pink cat who were named Reebus. It wasn’t imaginary, it was more so a wish. Reebus was more handcrafted than made up, just to make sure it didn’t seem weird. They all bought it, and we had long «fun» play sessions with our imaginary friends like most other our age.

That was 13 years ago. We don’t talk much anymore, just the occasional hello on social media. Meeting them at parties with some other schoolmates you’ve lost contact with, passing them by on occasion at the mall shopping for food or other boring necessities.

Social media, I got that. It does not seem very social to me, it feels more like a platform for bragging, complaining and faking about life. Emilie is married to an awesome husband with a well-grown beard, they both look genuinely happy and it disgusts me. Vilde got a child but her boyfriend left her right after. She’s young to be a parent, guess I just don’t want to feel grown up yet. She posts happy photos, of her and her little boy online. I know it’s just a front, she’s probably dark on the inside. I know I would be. Oh, and there’s Sara, the girl who hit on me in 8th grade. She’s a model now, travels the world taking almost nude photos and posting them with «Inspirational» quotes online. I just want to delete them before anyone else has to suffer the lies. I’ll just close my laptop and forget about them all, like always.

Imaginary friends stopped being a topic when we were about 12 and was only mentioned a few times for nostalgia since. I wish it was nostalgia….